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 Thursday, May 01, 2014 - Late Spring Back
Seas:     Water Temp:   Crew:  
Moon:     Location:    
Species: 131 king mackeral
99 'cuda's
31 amberjack
80 bonito (little tunny)
899 boxfish (beliners,triggers,seabass, etc)
27 cobia
26 dolphin
899 inshore foodfish(redfish,trout,flounder, etc)
200 inshore funfish (jacks, ladyfish, bluefish etc)
3 sailfish
43 snapper
9 Wahoo 
Category: ICW (Intracoastal Waterway)
Near shore (inside of 20 miles)
Offshore (20 to 35 miles off) 

The fishing inshore, as I write this, is OUTSTANDING. The sportfish, ie: jacks, ladyfish and bluefish are on fire. The food fish ie: redfish, flounder, speckled trout, weakfish and black drum are pretty well lit up also. I've also seen more Pompano so far this spring than I saw all last season. And, IT WILL ONLY GET BETTER for the next two to three months.

Though the near shore striking fish ie: king mackerel, cobia, barracuda and little tunny (bonito) have yet to make an appearance in any numbers the bottom fish have more than made up for it. I've had more than a few days where we would catch over 100 seabass that were legal while keeping just 5 per person. Throw in some offshore flounder, triggerfish and vermillion snapper and you see what I mean. I'll keep posting the pics of the big Red Snapper that we are releasing as there is still no open season on them. We had ONE THREE DAY SEASON last year with a one fish per person limit. They are so thick in some places that that is all you catch, Oh well, they are fun to catch and release. Again, IT WILL ONLY GET BETTER for the next two to four months (through August). If you looked at the numbers of "boxfish" in the trip details that number really does not even come close but I just don't know how many we really have caught (on one 8 hour trip in mid April we had well over 200 seabass alone releasing all but 25, that was our legal limit) and released unharmed.

The near shore striking fish will be here when the water temp levels out at a little over 70 degrees (that should be mid May). The Cobia are on the local artificial reefs with a few on the bait pods on the beach. We are starting to work the pods and shrimp boats for sharks as well. All fun and some good eating, too.

So far I've been able to keep my prices the same and I will continue to try to keep them there. When you book your trip the prices on the web site at the time are what you will be charged so Book Early and get the good price too.

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9 mile kings 

26 #s released caught on the troll 

AJ's and a good box of triggers/sea bass 

Amber jacks a Bunch 

27.2#s released in good shape 

Limit of kings 

Taylor's first kings and the First Kings of 2014 


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