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 Friday, June 05, 2015 - June 2015 Back
Seas:     Water Temp:   Crew:  
Moon:     Location:    
Species: 15 king mackeral
2 'cuda's
18 amberjack
12 bonito (little tunny)
26 boxfish (beliners,triggers,seabass, etc)
2 cobia
1 dolphin
1 grouper
50 snapper 
Category: kids are kings (and queens)
ICW (Intracoastal Waterway)
Near shore (inside of 20 miles) 
Report: Just found out this morning (5Jun'15) there will be --NO RED SNAPPER SEASON FOR THE SE ATLANTIC IN 2015 -- The summer transition from ICW and Bottom Fishing to live bait trolling and shark/tarpon fishing behind the shrimp boats has taken place. With the water temps rising in the ICW and the offshore waters the river (ICW) fishing has backed off (we are still catching but not in the numbers we catch with cooler water) and the Bottom fishing has become work (You have to go deeper, meaning longer trips, and move more often to catch the same amount of fish). While, on the other hand, the live bait trolling for Kings, cobia, AJ's (amber jack), Bonita and the possible sail or mahi are the way to go. Or, for the shorter trips for BIG fish, you may want to drop in behind a shrimp boat and look for a tarpon or med to large shark on spinning tackle. The shrimp boat trips are always fun and you get to see a lot of dolphin as well as catching large fish on light tackle. Come on, Lets go catch some fish. Like us on Face Book "Misstress Sportfishing Charters".

Taylor's first kingfish 


26.5" red and 21.5 and 24" trout 

Jack Attack 

Happy Fathers Day Alan and Mason 

5 trout to 24 "s, 2 reds to 26.5 "s and one Sheeps head 

Game ON 



Gettin It Done 

Tara's first kingfish 

26.5 " speckled trout (released 'cause we already had 2 over 20" 

1/2 day moring trip plus released over 40 short reds and released a 26.5" trout. 

8 hour trip 30 miles out 

150# bull shark on a 20# spinning rod, shark fishing behind the shrimpboats. 3 miles off the beach 

First fish bigger than a bluegill 

6 hour trip 9 miles out 





30 Pound Beach King caught at 9 mi 

Couple of kings (1-30#s), bonita's, sharks and remora's 

Fish ON 

next to the boat 

1 Mile off the beach (behind the shrimp boats) 50#s 

Trolling was slow so we bottom bumped a while 

Bottom/Troll good box of fish Kings, Sea Bass 

Sgt., LT, S/Sgt and Gunny. These are the guys that make it possible for you to "Have a Good Day". And, they can fish, too. 

Good ICW trip 
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