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 Tuesday, May 10, 2005 - jacks and ladyfish Back
Seas: wind SE 5-10    Water Temp: 80.1°F Crew:  
Moon:     Location: jetty and creeks   
Species: 23 inshore funfish (jacks, ladyfish, bluefish etc)  Category:    

Four sisters from St. Thomas, USVGI came up to fish with me this afternoon. Their requests were 1. catch a fish of any kind for one sister, 2. show them some dolphin (flipper type) and 3. if possible show them a manatee. As I pulled out of the marina there were 6 dolphin playing and feeding right there so I shut down the engine and drifted into the pob and we had dolphin all arround the boat, #2 accomplished. We had a falling tide so I was pretty sure #1 would be a go (after all the rain last week the feed has been somewhat off in the ICW), I pulled up to the West end of the South Jetty and anchored. We fished there for about 2 hours catching Jack cravelle and lady fish by the numbers, and yes, #1 was wiped off the slate. Now #3 I knew might be a slight problem. The water temp in the ICW is now in the high 70's to low 80's but I hadn't seen any manatee's as of yet this year. As an "oh by the way", did you know that the manatee is where the mermaid came from? That sailor must have been away from home a long time and really been in the grog. Well, after hitting the creeks and creek mouths we were still catching jacks and lady fish with a few good trout bites thrown in but still hadn't seen the last beast of request and it was time to go in. I appologized. As I turned into the cleaning table area of the Conch House Marina I was told to slow way down as the were Manatees right at the dock. There were 6 large adults lazing arround the area and they let us get right up to them as I drifted in (I shut down the engine to avoid any possible chance of cutting one with a prop in the shallow water of the marina). Well that was item #3. A succesful trip. Until next trip: Capt. Guy


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