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 Sunday, May 15, 2005 - Kings Back
Seas: 1-3 SE     Water Temp: 75.2°F Crew: Heidi and Ken Finley 
Moon:     Location: 14 mi at 100 mag   
Species: 9 king mackeral  Category: Near shore (inside of 20 miles)   

Today was the first real live bait trolling trip of the season for me. It was an afternoon 4 hour and we went out 14 miles to find bait and to fish. Ken and Hiedi Finley from Orlando were my party, Hiedi is from the Keys and she really was worried that I left the dock with no live bait. She just couldn't believe there was no one here that caught and sold live bait other than shrimp. I tried to reasure her that there was plenty of bait where we were going. After the third stop for sardines and cigar minnows even I was not to sure. When we got to the IP area with only three baits it was iffy at best. I put one on the down rigger and started marking bait near the bottom right away, before I could get the bait rig in the water we had our first king on. It was that way for two and a half hours. I would catch a couple of baits as we trolled and they would get eaten as fast as they hit the water. It's not like that every day but it sure is nice when it all comes together. We ended keeping a limit of (6) kings from 6 to 10 #'s and one Spanish (5.25#'s). Also we released two more kings, had one eaten by a 'cuda and pulled the hooks on 4 other fish. A great way to start the trolling season. Hope this is a precurser for the rest of the season, I'll let you know. Till next trip: Capt. Guy

Heidi and Ken from Orlando 

1st live bait king of the season 

back at the dock 6 kings and a very large Spanish 
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