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 Friday, June 10, 2005 - KingBuster 2005 Back
Seas: 3-5 building 4-6    Water Temp: 77.8°F Crew: Marcus Hancher
Mark Stevers 
Moon:   Location: 9 MN   
Species: 10 king mackeral  Category:    
Report: This was a bad weather tourney for a tourney that is know for it's bad weather. Supposed to be a two day affair but only one day this year due to a tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico and a hi pressure area in the Atlantic. The US Coast Guard made the call to fish on day one, they said the inlet was passable 2-4 and short (close together). Well they had it right on the money, now add 400 boats from 20 to 38 feet going out at the same time (idle only until the end of the jetty) and you see why we held back to the back of the pack, let it settle some. Outside the seabouy it was 3-5 and building all day with wind SE at 15 and gusting to over 20, but man did the fish bite. It took an hour to reach 9 mile north artificial reef (where I caught 2 20+ pound fish on Wed). We had 2 1/2 dozen live baits and we hardly ever got three lines in the water at the same time. You would put one out and reach for another rod and the first would go off. The fish were smallish but the bite was on. We kept 5 right off in the 7 to 8+ range and decided to release everything else unless we got a good board fish. By 1100 am we were out of bait with a 3-5 foot plus ocean, bait impossible to catch and a tide change taking place (to a falling). It was unanimously decided to go to the wieght station dock and sit out the rest of the day there. It took almost as long going in as it did coming out. None of us could have been wetter if we had been in a pool. Well thats tournement fishing. We weighed in at 8.8 pounds and that stayed on the board  for about 3 hours (really that surprised me, but I saw a lot of small fish weighed due to the weather and a prize structure that gave you a very good shot if you had a "5" any where in the weight). Day 2 dawned rainy, windy (SE 20 gusting to over 25 Knots) with seas called in at 5-7 and a Small craft advisory. I do not take the MisStress out in a small craft advisory no matter who says its safe. I've owned the MisStress since '92 (it's an '80 hull) and this is the worst I've gone out in. I've come in in worse but that sometimes happens when the wind comes up unexpectedly or a thunder storm comes offshore in the afternoon on the way home after a day of fishing. Well as I said earllier, That's Tournement Fishing. Next trip is on the sched for Tues the 14th, lets see if the weather man will let us go. 'Till then  Capt Guy     OBTW: No pictures due to another camera drowned, Office Depot here we come (again). Thank God for insurance.

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