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 Monday, July 04, 2005 - 4th of July Sail Back
Seas: 1-2     Water Temp: 81.6°F Crew: Wayne, Luther, Alex, Ty 
Moon:   Location: Viking   
Species: 10 king mackeral
1 sailfish 
Category: kids are kings (and queens)
Near shore (inside of 20 miles)
Report: The fourth was a family day for me and I got to take them fishing. Wayne, Ty, Alex, Luther and I left the dock at 0630 to catch bait and see if the kings were still biting. After a short run up Northbeach pogies were caught and we headed offshore to the Reefball area. It was a real treat for me as I'v trained both nephews as mates over the years and all I had to do was drive the boat. As we approaced the reef the downrigger went off and the first king was hooked and shortly landed. The bite was on. On the third strike it was a sailfish, Ty had said that everyone else could catch all the fish unless a sail was hooked and he wanted that one as he had never caught one. Well, 27 minutes and 17 jumps later I had my hand on the bill and his wish was fullfilled. We had a Kodak moment and released him to give someone else the thrill that alway goes with a billfish. I have been lucky in that I caught Ty his first blue marlin in Bermuda after graduation from Highschool and Luther his first blue in the Bahama's upon completion of his first tour in the mid East. Well Luther is going back in August and I've kinda promised him a sail if he gets back ok from that one. We ended with 10 kings and a fun family outing. Alex got to gaff a couple of kings and has the makings of a good mate when he gets a little size and experience on him. Gods speed and a safe return to Luther. 'Till next trip  Capt. Guy

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Ty's first sail 

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