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 Friday, July 15, 2005 - 6 hr Offshore Back
Seas: 1-3    Water Temp: 85.0°F Crew:  
Moon:   Location: IP/DL/Barge   
Species: 2 king mackeral
8 'cuda's 
Category: Near shore (inside of 20 miles)   

I think all of us fished in the middle today, with kings shoreward and offshore of us. There were 5 livebait charter boats fishing 6 hour trips today and I don't think any of us set the world on fire. We baited, again, by the pier and moved offshore. This time farther out as we had more time for the run and time to fish. This may have been a slight error. We all ended about 15 miles out fishing from me on the South at the IP to Dennis on the Hot Fun to the North at the Shrimp Boat and Chuck on Rod Bender to the East on the DL with boats on the Desco and the Barge also. NO one was catching kings and the 'cudas were slow. The only thing that was biting was the puppy sharks. As the morning progressed the kings started trying to get a bite going at the DL and we all migrated there. After watching the others catch a king or so each and me only getting 'cudas and sharks I decided to get away from the crowd and go to the Barge area. Good decision. The bite was not major but at least it was a bite. We had 5 good kingfish bites and ended with two kings and several more sharks and 'cudas. The fast trollers (ballyhoo,spoons on planers) did well today as they could cover so much more water than we live baiters can. One fast troller did limit (12 kings) in 45 minutes, he was fishing 25 mile out. I'll try a little closer in tomorrow. 'Till then, Capt. Guy

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