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 Wednesday, September 19, 2007 - Fall Report for Summer '07 Back
Seas: 0-4    Water Temp: 78+°F Crew:  
Moon:     Location: Offshore St. Augustine   
Species: 201 king mackeral
100 'cuda's
3 amberjack
26 bonito (little tunny)
94 boxfish (beliners,triggers,seabass, etc)
6 cobia
3 grouper
84 inshore foodfish(redfish,trout,flounder, etc)
86 inshore funfish (jacks, ladyfish, bluefish etc)
1 sailfish
21 snapper 
Category: kids are kings (and queens)
ICW (Intracoastal Waterway)
Near shore (inside of 20 miles)
Offshore (20 to 35 miles off) 

Summer report for 2007.

The weather was outstanding for the most part from 01 May through 31 August. We had some weather days (6 total) that we couldn't fish due to wind and/or seas. I will not fish in seas over 4 feet in the MisStress. If you have an offshore trip booked and the seas go up to 3-5 or over I will give you the option of looking at it from a couple of miles offshore, fishing the ICW (river), rescheduling or just plain calling it off at no cost to you. A lot of time the weather guessers call it on the money but just about as often then miss by a couple of feet or are calling big seas that are just a swell and very fishable.

Offshore live bait trolling this summer was on again/off again. The big sardines and cigar minnows didn't show until mid August (they are usually here by the 1st of May) though there were plenty of small baits offshore on the local art. reefs but the menhaden (pogies) were plentiful in Salt Run with some scattered along the beach on most days. The small king mackeral were plentiful most days in May and June with the large fish showing with the pogie pods in late June through late August. I caught more fish over 20 pounds on the inshore reefs this year than any year that I've kept records. On one of the last trips I live baited we had a large Tiger Shark swim up to a hooked smaller shark and eat him at boat side (This was quite exciting for everyone including me, it was the second tiger I saw this year and only the 5th one I've ever seen). During August and Sept as the kings spread out again I started trolling with planers and spoons/strip baits like the larger sportfishermen do and did quite well on the kings, bonita's and 'cuda's. On the few bottom fishing trips I took this summer we did well on the Vermillion Snapper, Lane Snapper, Triggerfish and Black Sea Bass while catching a few keeper Red Snapper and throwing back a couple hundred shorts (under 20 inches). The big grouper elluded me this summer though I expect to see some during the fall and winter. I actually only bottom fished 4 days this summer.

The ICW was hot (weather wise) all summer. On the few trips I fished in the river were did well when we could fish the right tide (outgoing from top to bottom was the trick this summer). The short reds were abundant on most days on the lower end of the tide with a fair amount of legal fish thrown in and the flounder bite could be outstanding on the top end when the tide just starts out. I had three consecutive days of 14, 15, 10 keeper flounder with some shorts thrown in each day. There were a scattering of trout and pompano also.

Thats the summer in a nutshell. Check out the Big Savings for the winter trips. Just remember, only the trips booked through the phone numbers at the top and paid for in cash will get the savings.

Tight lines, Capt. Guy

26 inch Redfish 

very good flounder catch 

Limit of kings plus a large 'cuda 

A good red and a Very nice flounder 

Good day for even small fry 

30#+ cobia and some nice kings 

A 17 and a 21 pounder plus some smaller fish  

A fine snapper but a little too short 

A very good trigger fish 

bottom trip with vermillion snapper, mangrove snapper and triggers 
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