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 Thursday, May 08, 2008 - March/April Back
Seas: 1-5    Water Temp: 68-74°F Crew:  
Moon:     Location: mostly NE   
Species: 2 king mackeral
2 amberjack
3 bonito (little tunny)
97 boxfish (beliners,triggers,seabass, etc)
6 cobia
10 grouper
36 inshore foodfish(redfish,trout,flounder, etc)
74 inshore funfish (jacks, ladyfish, bluefish etc)
61 snapper 
Category: kids are kings (and queens)
ICW (Intracoastal Waterway)
Near shore (inside of 20 miles) 

Fishing for March and April was nothing short of OUTSTANDING. As the water started to warm the trout, redfish and black drum fired up in the ICW with very good catches of each depending on the tide fished. Most trout and drum were caught on the incoming tide fishing live shrimp under a light float with the reds caught on live shrimp on a jig head. It's now the 8th of May and the flounder are starting to show in force as well.

I found a spot near shore that had not been fished in quite some time, appearently. I took over 60 legal red snapper and 10 gag grouper over 15 pounds off this spot before they moved back out to deep water (we are still taking a few from it but not like it was in late March and early April). We also took quite a few large flounder from this area. This is a spot I found while trolling for kings summer before last and just never got arround to bottom fishing until this year. 

The live bait (for trolling) is starting to show on the local artificial reefs now so the striking fish will not be far behind. We have been catching a respectful amount of cobia (and seeing a lot more) on the local reefs over the last two weeks. The cobia have been slow to show on the beach with the rays so far this year but we are still hoping. Most of the cobia I have seen, so far, have swam up to the boat while bottom fishing or have been trailing giant sun fish or turtles.

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AM 1/2 day 

AM 1/2 day 

Afternoon 1/2 day (very calm day) 

Morning 1/2 

1/2 AM 

Snaps and b-liners 



Lee and family 


the prize 

family fun 
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